How are youd oing

Lower end of alright


How did I not see that coming, people on the internet never give a shit how you feel :confused:

Im doing fine, how about you?

Top 10 anime betrayal

cop e andse,the

S9° E38°

yuo’er mtoher

hey kid

recognize this number?

hey kid

recognize this location?

And so are you. Do not deny if you were anywhere farther than pluto it would take at least 8 hours to get updated on AO.

bro you live there too :skull:

I’m in a distant star system and you’re seeing all of my posts seemingly live actually from millions years in the past. I am an omniscient being who knows exactly what to say for a situation millions of years later. Fear me.

Welp all humans will be extinct by the time you reach earth. No point in fearing you.

I can teleport to Earth mortal fool

Why wouldn’t you just hang out here then? This is where you play WoM and AO.

I’d rather go into a timeline where AO is real life