How big is Ravenna? (canon not In-game)

This is a question I ask posed by an argument that occured in a different post.

So how big is Ravenna if we were to try to figure it out solely based on solely how many homes would need to be included in its three towns and how there needs to be more than 1 farm to feed all of the citizens and the people at Fort Talos.

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The September Fifth Palo Town Incident (I won the argument)

we will not be continuing that hear, thank you.

huh hold on what’s ravenna’s population again?

10000 citizens I think

around ~20,000 last I checked also the soldiers stationed there.

i mean

lemme try this real quick.

i guess if we assume there are an equal number of people in each town. (LMAO) then around 6.7k people per city town etc.

which in terms of housing.


idk at maximum 3350 houses assuming two people live per house, then you’ve got the recreational buildings and city square. Rubica is pretty jam packed and spacious all at once so it could cover i am spitballing here

assuming each house is completely the same like a simulation, we’ve got a funny amount of 12.8 meters by 10.67 meters. thus area = 136.576 meters square for the area covered.

I AM ASSUMING SO MUCH. so then assuming that there’s a neighborhood area with a square, imma just…the houses would cover 457529.6 m squared. relatively. which is 457 km SQUARED. lmao this is crazy. i am now assuming that all the cities are a perfect square (kinda)

thus 22.86 km by 20 km for housage alone. FOR RUBICA I’LL JUST ADD A COUPLE MORE KM OF RECReationAL SPACE. a reasonable amount would be idk another 20 km by 20 km. Which would turn Rubica into a large rectangle.

gonna assume every city is that big, so each city would be around 29.8 km and 28.77 km in length and width. SO WE HAVE THE CITY SIZES.

the mountain is like 5 times the size, thus around 100 km at the base (and 50 km wide ig) and idk 2000 meters tall. assuming this, and the oval shape of the mt caesar, we’ve got some area stuff to do. (which i dunno how to do) so after a quick goglgle i come up with an area of 3926.99 km^2.

THEN WE MOVE ON TO THE WACKY ASSUMPTION THAT EACH CITY hits the edge of the island perfectly, which is indicated by the map. SO YOU HAVE 129.8 km wide and idk 78.77 km wide.

therefore size of island calculate. thus the surface area is like idk an oval again so we just plug in the value of uh the wides and you get 8030.69 km squared.

ravenna is kinda big?

my brain rotted

OH YEAH, i gues the farm area is covered by the areas between the cities.


Well, due to some sources… Mount Caesar is the same size as real-life Mount Helicon. So imagine that, plus a giant port city and a good-sized savanna… And yeah. Pretty fucking huge.

8030 km^2 is reasonable. I found a similarly sized island just 1000 km^2 less than Ravenna I guess.
Zealand (Not New Zealand)
The population is relatively large but with modern technology it makes more sense for a larger population in a smaller space.

I feel 8030 square kilometers is accurate. Now take that and look at the rest of the Bronze seas. How ridiculously large is that?

just assuming everything is relatively to scale.

just gonna use the length of ravenna which is like 129.8 km long. then put it in snip it lmao idk the bronze sea is about 5.3x the length of ravenna in width. Which is about 698.92 km in width.

then the length. its about 1.93x the width, so about 1354.16 km in length.

therefor the surface area is around UH 946455.8 km squared.

problem is things aren’t necessarily to scale. Fort Talos is probably just as big as in-game while the Castello is also likely only slightly bigger at most than in-game.

that makes everything crazy to calculate ;-;

yep :+1:

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