How big will blasts become when we get to level 1000?

Basically the title. Will our blasts end up becoming as big as aether sun blasts?

Or will it only cap out at wom beginning stage 250 blast size?

And bigger than all of them.

Will we even be able to dodge a max magic size earth blast?

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Dis big

It’ll be really big to the point it can devour the whole wilderness island. Ngl, i’m expecting some fire magic user with maxed magic size build use a blast ultimate spell with a name “CRUEL SUN”.

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Our blast size will reach the stage where it’ll be hard to notice the difference between a normal blast and an ultimate art

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at some point Vetex will probably revamp such secondary stats like these.

this also goes with casting speed / magic speed.

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Vetex streamed himself at level 5000 or so once and… it really wasn’t impressive. He did lack the items a level 5000 player would have tho, but the level alone only made his attacks somewhat big.
It was before magics had a size stat that differ between them, so stuff like water, earth and explosion would probably be much bigger

Pretty sure some people recorded footages of this but I didn’t, don’t bother asking

Ok final edit, vetex and his brother were both level 5000 rather than 1000, and Dragon’s first clip is from said stream.
No idea why did i have to read his post like 5 times to understand

this was vetex fighting another dude on stream with both set to level 5000
the size scaling is gonna be way different though, since lower level cap + magic size dif
heres level 5000 + giant mode


I actually have a lot of those gifs, I’ll upload them up in a bit

@ColdWiener :nod:

I’n curious to see what the change in power will be like when we get to AO since we’ll go from being what would originally be 2% of max level to 10%

Actually the size was capped at level 750 I’m pretty sure and it won’t be too much larger than it is now. 4x as large tops.

I use fire and my 100% blast is called cruel sun lmao


I hope they are still as big as level 5000s

it depends if they got to the size of islands i’m sure they would get nerferd so probably big but not super huge

i think at some point it’ll prolly cap at a size and you can still boost with accessories and all that, that’s how i imagine it at least

level 1000 confirmed

remember how prometheus in AR cast his ultimates
it will be that big

So basically… 1v1s at level 1000 will now depend on who has the better set rather than skill?