How can i become a moderator?

Is there a selection process? If so, what are the requirements to become one?


How much?

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Yeah, I’m just not going to bother with this topic.

Because you dont know :joy:


very true

Carefully suck and caress vetex’s toes

There really isn’t a moderator application process at all. Forumers who have been in the community for a while, are trusted, and are regulars are the ones who are chosen most of the time to be a forum moderator/leader (Trust Level 4). I believe the person who finalizes all possible nominations is Meta.

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no and no.

Dude you dont even have regular you arent getting mod

Why do you even want to become a mod anyways?

To help out with the community, of course.

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bro is stating by far the most astronomically diabolically bizarre questions out there

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nobody knows who you are…


You don’t even have member yet how are you gonna become a regular and mod?

the forum every day that i’m not a moderator:



Basically this. There haven’t been any moderator promotions in a while due to there not being much traffic, but that may change as AO grows closer to release and definitely after release.

I’m expecting to be a bit more active again and work with other moderators after AO on determining which users would be best fit for the duty. Applications aren’t completely out of the question though, as we may end up going that route if there’s a huge surge in users.


we all know I’m the best candidate for moderator

Question: what are things that i can do to increase my chance at becoming a moderator?