How Can I Improve at PvP (outside of Munera)?

In Munera, I’m mediocre at best, but outside of there, I’m dead on arrival. Turns out fighting in Munera and fighting anywhere else are two very different things.

My main file is a Water-Lightning Mage with all stat points in Magic. I’ve tried adding electrifying water puddles to my strategy, but I usually end up destroying them. Is there a way to consistently electrify the puddles might be my bigger question, but I’m not even sure if it’d be that good in a fight.

My second file is a Acid Warlock with 125 points in Magic/Strength and Iron Leg, although I’m thinking of switching to Basic Combat. I’ve only fought outside of Munera with it once, and you can probably guess the outcome. In Munera, though, I feel really comfortable with it, probably because of the high damage at close ranges.

My last file is an Earth Conjurer with a 120/130 split in Magic/Weapons, and I don’t really know if what I run is the greatest. I have the Strong enchantment on all three of my Weapons (Greatsword, P.T. Dagger, and Katana), but I wonder if other enchantments would work better for them. I’m also considering getting the Sunken Sword.

I know I struggle a lot with getting jumped, since odds are my death gets speedran. Sometimes, I get attacked when grinding a boss and think the person hitting me is trying to kill them too, while another time, I was changing my background music and came back to getting electrified. That was the day I learned to AFK in trees.

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rk/bounty hunt more people

I was about to sarcastically say “Perfect. Most flawless advice I’ve been given all year,” until I remembered that I also suck at that. Usually, when I try to bounty hunt, I find them, invite them to Munera, and wait. I’ve been working on going straight for the jugular instead of playing passive-aggressive recently.

i mean killing people outside of munera is literally the only way to get better at it.
died? learn from your mistakes. what did you fuck up? what couldve you done better? improve from there. struggling is a part of the learning process.

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Oh, forgot about that.

I think my main issue is the friendliness, although I should also work on my aim and not thinking I can get away with charging a Pillar explosion fully even though my target’s out of range. I don’t know why, but I keep doing that and expecting a different result.

never use pillar explosion unless its for a grab followup or if theyre directly above you

Attack everyone. Zormego, you have to listen…

Good rep, bad rep, high level, low level(…maybe not this), every single player you meet, attack them.

You can also try fighting in places other than munera, for example, in Rubica or Rasna, in Redwake, in Frostmill, stuff like that. If you want I can teach you how to hunt next time we’re both online.

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Other than that, don’t neglect Munera Sparring. I don’t care what anyone else says, but it can genuinely help(at least for me). It’s a good chance to get some constant practice with new techniques or new builds, since in the wilderness you won’t get a good chance for that.

I also recommend having a bounty. 50,000 is good enough. Then, start hunting. As a bad rep you can hunt good and bad people, don’t discriminate.

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If you could choose 1 place to be good at pvp, Imo it should be on a boat. In any situation where a boat rams another boat, there is a boarding opportunity, and the person who is better at fighting on a boat will win, not necessarily the person with a better boat. Boat pvp is very different from land pvp because there’s a lot less space for dashing, and if you get pushed off by an attack with knockback, you’ll end up in the water, which is a huge disadvantage (because of sharks, stamina loss, inability to high jump, inability to aim certain moves etc, and it can also be really easy to keep you from getting back on the boat), so knockback is really powerful, whereas in land combat, if you push someone out of an area, it doesn’t really matter, and you might’ve just made it easier for them to run away

Aim train with Calvus and Carina. Yes, it’s not real PVP, but having a consistent way to practice your aim is good. Also, if you can’t consistently beat Calvus, you likely won’t win against good PVPers.


I can beat Calvus pretty easily when I’m alone. I think Lady Carina would be better for training my aim, because she moves around so much and I don’t think she ever leaves a trail when she dashes.

Sure, I could do with some help. I should be available tomorrow after school.

1v1 commodore kai (merlot clouds are annoying)

That’s easy just don’t get hit

commodore kai literally runs in a straight line at you so youre not really training anything except for dodging or parrying some of his attacks (really not that hard)

The mistakes i’ve learned and corrected them while trying to get better at PvP were mostly by fighting unfair fights.

You can try ganking a guild alone, preferably 1v3s (no you won’t die as much if you use your environment to your advantage, if they’re villains try to camp at silverhold lol) you’ll see your mistakes more often and you’ll improve upon that, probably.

Other than that just bounty hunt honestly.

Don’t ask this guy to get teamed on…

I mean, maybe it’ll help. I’ve been in 5~ unfair fights, a 4v1, a 3v1, a couple 2v1s here and there, then I fought a warrior and a berserker. But I doubt it’ll help because those unfair fights were only possible for me to win because I knew what I was doing.

Although, Zormego isn’t bad at the game. Maybe he’ll do good.

So uh…
Since I DO jump people I can give you tips there
I like to hide in trees, if you know there’s probably gonna be smbd hunting u hit the trees, if I have ranged moves it’s even easier.(Trees r man’s best friend lol)
When grinding bosses like Agros try to hide somewhere where you can watch the door and stay out of sight

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