How can I optimize these builds? Explain like I'm new

My main files are a (Plasma) Conjurer and (Explosion, Ash) Mage with some outdated builds because I haven’t played for a while. I have perfect cooking but basically no experience with jewelcrafting or brewing. I have one sunken set and MOST boss drops pre dark-sea update. I have some solo experience in the outer layers of the dark sea and do have some minor loot and a few exotic scrolls.

For my plasma build, I have no specific stat build in mind, but I do use a very high power stat. It could be optimized and it does need more defense because I die easily. On the Mage file, it’s mostly in attack size and defense, but I want some attack speed in the future. I use the arrow blast and attack speed mode so it’s pretty fast to begin with. I just need to know what makes it more efficient and how to get it.

I’ll take any tips on how to go about leveling up skills, obtaining resources, doing the dark sea, getting gear, what’s best for my builds, etc

It appears like medal videos won’t play, so I’ll just upload screenshots instead. I wanted to show my whole inventory so you could tell me what’s good and what’s not.

I’m not experienced enough with builds to tell you what you need, but this website will surely help you out

Yeah, I was hesitant to ask but is the website been updated already or not yet? Because I discovered this website fairly recently and now that the Nimbus Sea has been released (with new items up to boot), I really wish I discovered it earlier :cry:

It has not been updated with the new items yet, but it’s still useful regardless.