How can you block trade requests?

I know how to block messages and team invites, but how do you block trade requests ?

You cant
Very annoying i would know

I don’t think it’s possible yet. It would be a pretty useful feature, hopefully it’s added in AO

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The worst is when you say no and they continue spamming trade requests

People offer boss drops for my sunkens all the time

Average non-trader iq is real

The best if it was possible instead of blocking all messages/trades you could block specific users

They offert me 2k Crowns for my SSS

What am I doing here

you can’t, best thing you can do is just not decline the trade so they can only spam you every 2 minutes or just server hop (repeatedly killing works too i guess)

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i dont understand why people get so mad over people sending them bad trades in-game, like just ignore it :woman_shrugging: even if there was the option i wouldnt turn them off cuz ive gotten some sweet ass offers in-game before so

though theres a work around for this, just get a ton of junk items and unique items and fill your inventory with them to the point it lags out people for a minute to maybe even a few minutes, i dont doubt if someone has a bad enough pc it’d crash their roblox, though it would be pretty taxing on your computer aswell so

^ i hate people who do this because bro its not gonna stop me from lowballing you :smiling_imp:

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happened to me probably a hundred times, you get used to it

didnt you do this? @AlexSchuyler?

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Won’t be added in AO as it’ll make trading less common and more annoying if you’re looking for an item.

These are Vetex’s words.


Alr, thanks for the clarification

can confirm, his inventory being so big somehow made me lag when autoclicking items in a trade which i didn’t even know was possible


Yes. And I’m honestly just gonna keep doing it. Pick my item set and stick with it, and then let other people lag around.

Plus with favouriting items, certain items in your inventory will be hidden from trades

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Oh yes I had forgotten about that, it will be sooo useful

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