How Chaotic do You Guys Think the Forums Will Become During the First Few Weeks of AO's Release?

This thought just came to mind and I honestly think there would be an average of 74-110 users online. #marketplace & #game-discussion would be…oh wow

It depends.

If YouTubers like Flamingo make videos about AO… then expect some underage kids to pop up 50x as much as they do now.


Pretty high on release with a ton of people asking questions in game discussion. Even higher after 2-3 days due to players obtaining some of the new items and trading off some enchanted stuff. That’s my theory.

For the amount of stupidity and immaturity, probably higher? I bet the fan bases from popular youtubers would perhaps stick to discord and just not even know the forums exist.

Oh god.

I hope so

the forums are gonna need more mods

that’s where I come in

I expect a lot of people to come back before it drops and if it can get on recommended for people and YouTubers cover it the forums will be busy asl

i think right when AO comes out forums will be unchanged aparte from everyone its already here.
The problem will be that dead forumers are going to revive (i think)
also there will be a point little kids from youtubers are going to discover the forums and the chaos will start

More infamy and kills for me :sunglasses:

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Flamingo Fan Group New Guild farming

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Infernasu and Flamingo will def make a video on this game. I expect 100-150 and some dumbass children popping up.

It will honestly be a hell hole with so many questions and shitty trades.

10 Strong amulets for sunken sword pwease :pleading_face:



I am not prepared for AO’s release whatsoever
I am so god damn scared of what the player base will be

Shit is honestly going to be so unpredictable and its going to be such a pain for shit to settle down.

I dont want another user4

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I’m honestly more concerned for my guild

Oh no

the fact that flamingo originally chose explosion magic in WoM

hopefully all of his fans don’t choose that and destroy every single fucking thing in sight (because theyre flamingo fans)

imagine the lag

not user 4 :worried: