How dare the fourms do this

Ok I get it it’s a rule and all but that’s a pretty dumb one

I will probably delete this soon but I am just saying

No hate to the guy who closed it

those topics are annoying anyway


Yes but still is annoying for the non-discord users like me

then get discord

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Don’t want to get ddos a second time

Also I just don’t like parts of it

How’d you get ddos’ed?

Also, if your topic gets closed, don’t make a new topic complaining about it.

You have shit security protection

ah yes, i too wish to see the forums flooded with shitty topics with no topic or purpose

i rejoice at its addition

Let’s not talk about it kinda personal

Anyways Idc about what happened just a little weird why that’s a rule

I will never forgive them for closing and unlisting the “say a word related to the one above” and the “defeat the profile above you” threads


Isn’t that just the off-topic section

Maybe don’t go to servers where people would ddos you