How did sirens came to be?


New information from Vetex tells us that the Sirens are another sentient species, and the ones that attack you are doing so out of their own behaviour. Pretty cool and neat knowledge. (A Siren Queen sounds sick)

(Sourced from the AO Trello)

when a man and a bird love each other very much…

Question is, is there a single Siren Queen who rules over all Sirens in the Dark Sea? Or are there multiple queens who manage their own Siren communities?

(I’m asking since if we finish the quest that would give us a Siren Crew, speaking to one Siren Queen only to talk to a different queen wouldn’t make much sense.)

i just realised, sirens use wind, light, or shadow magic, so the siren queen probably uses all of them

If they’re a meritocracy, I could see it, yeah.

Strongest Siren with all the power sitting at the top.

to be entirely fair, there really isn’t much for food in the dark sea.
even if they didn’t already have a natural taste for human flesh due to their nature, they’d have little else for a choice lol.

Given that we now know that sirens are very specifically not mutated, going near the water to get fish is probably a pretty bad idea for them.

This reminds me of a thought I had a few days ago while in the Dark Sea. How the HELL can my crew fish out there and catch edible fish that aren’t mutated and gross?

But yeah I hereby retract my statements in that reply, milord Vetex has spoken and I have thusly been thoroughly dunced.

actually, she might even have lost versions of those magics now that i think about it

most likely two from storm/blizzard/slash, aether, and darkness and then whichever base is left over

Two sailors, gas station
what did they have for dinner? Sushi of course
There was a ruby in their gas station Sushi, they black out and wake up in the dark sea
they are surrounded by fish
horny fish
you know what that means

there is fish

In the massively magically irradiated water that would probably be an extremely bad idea to eat long term.

so interesting bro i’d love to hear your oc’s story in bedtime so i can sleep faster

So sirens like to eat people but what about satyrs and centaurs? Do they just hate people or something?

At least I possess the actual creativity to make an OC, unlike you, lightning conjurer :roll_eyes:

honestly probably multiple because the dark sea is gigantic

probably just insane because of the effects of the dark sea

kiddo i’m a savant…

kiddo i’m a follower of the teachings laid out to us by the Lord Morrock Creed one century ago… :pray:

Zeus up for something once again…

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