How do I appeal for a ban in the discord?

I jokingly told somebody to ping vetex a while ago and got banned for it. I want to be in the discord again.

Edit: the person who pinged vetex was an alt account of somebody who had been banned from the discord before

You won’t be unbanned :clown_face:


Yeah but all I said was “challenge ping vetex reward a free ban”

you probably won’t get unbanned cuz you literally influencing kids to ping vetex.


Yeah and thats also against the rules

You’ll just stay banned, idk.

wow, youre hella stupid. guess youre gonna have to wait until the end of the year to get unbanned

Bad idea to ping vetex.

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i think what he was getting at is that he said it in an obviously joking manner and not just telling people to ping him. You know like saying “commit not alive” its obviously a joke but i get why he is banned regardless

well if the person pinged vet anyways they were probably too dense to understand the joke
so he should’ve taken that into consideration

Yeah that’s what happened

This is why you just don’t chat in the vetex discord server and instead lurk and just watch chat go by :eyes:

you gotta realise tho vetex is working during stuff like this, he doesnt give a shit and just wants to get back to work. “guy pinged me got him, hmm guy saying to ping me he gets it too” its really simple as that even if its a joke.

The person who pinged him was planning to do it though. Right after they pinged Vetex they declared that they were using an alt account.

Rip. Good luck getting back in…