How do I defeat Lady Carina as a Lightning Warlock with boxing fighting style

I’ve been struggling with Lady Carina my lightning moves are too slow and I get hit for lots of hp. My fighting style sucks and I can’t hit her. What should I do?

lady carina is all about waiting and parrying for the first stage, then constantly punishing for the second so the hp regen doesn’t get the best of you
use smallest lightning blasts possible for when she’s not moving, and then like 50% ones for when she is because lightning is pretty fast
i’d neglect boxing for the fight unless you already have shot, it’s just not worth it

Replace boxing with literally any other Fstyle, it’s not great

WRONG! unga bunga her

can confirm i just wailed on her and lived

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Just spam guns

Do some runs where you only dodge and block without attacking her to get used to her patterns, so that you can understand what to do better
Also @ThatOneGuy

alr thanks for the suggestions already beat her and king calvus



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