How do I delete my account?

I just realized that I may not survive if I keep visiting this forum, and I can’t stop. How do I delete my acc?

I don’t know if there’s a way to just straight up delete it. I know you can message a moderator to delete your account tho

If you must

Okay, good. I’ll wait if I get more info about it, and if it’s the only way I’ll probably message mod

I’m pretty sure you can’t simply delete it, feel free to look yourself though. Probably just message a mod right now if you’re determined to do so

Ok, ty

But before I will make something like “goodbye topic”

Ok :frowning:

Not on your own, you need to ask a moderator/admin to do it for you, as you’ve already heard.

And if you do, it won’t be deleted, because you have too many posts for an automatic deletion.
You can get the next best thing, which is having it anonymized, so all of the profile info is gone, and suspended so it can’t be used anymore.


What if I try delete all my posts? I know it sounds crazy but still

That would take a ridiculously large amount of time and there’s probably other issues as well


If you really want to, then yes you can go do it.

You can’t delete your topics, but if you want those gone as well you can ask a mod for that too.

True Ending: Replace every post and topic with an episode of “Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting”

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change your name ez

Touch Grass

I did it just yesterday.

What happened to Aethereal Flare?

Fucking gone
Now the Original flare is here :sunglasses:


you can turn on “Do Not Disturb” as an alternative

hides your profile though it doesn’t delete every post

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