How do I delete my forum account

I’m just curious how I delete my forum account in case the need ever arises. I can’t find the option in my profile preferences am I blind or is there any other way.

Simply have it be banned.

i don’t think you can delete it yourself. You could prob dm a mod to do it for you though

I am slightly worried that you will leave lol

Suicide by mod

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who wouldnt want to leave

I will only leave if I get a life so not soon

mods cant delete accounts either, i’ve checked

Well You could always make an alt and make up some random excuse to get the other account deleted.


You know I’ve never understood the reason why people choose to delete their accounts on platforms since you can always leave it and come back when you want to. I must be missing something ;-;


I really only delete my account if I don’t want to come back, and I don’t want to change my mind at some point in the future. It’s what I did to my Twitter account.

just get it banned smh

I mean, I’d be fine with having my old account deleted since like it was linked to my old discord account that I accidentally deleted