How do I do gear builds in Splatoon 3?

I really wanna make builds for different weapons like chargers and bows, how do I get the gear for them?

buy gear in the in game shops or the switch online app, specifically buy brands that increase odds for the abilities you want. Then scrub the gear as much as you can for chunks.

Keep in mind the splatfest shirt takes 1/10 of the amount of money to scrub than normal gear. once you get enough chunks you can put the abilities you like on the outfit you like and boom.

also ink resist isn’t as important as in 1 and 2 because main weapon up can’t bring weapons to a 99.99 two shot


I should add if you like a piece of clothing and it is likely to get abilities you need its more effective to just roll for them. Also you pure ability clothing while it looks good is no better than just having 3 subs of an ability spread over your clothing (it’s actually more expensive)

just get all of your gear to be the same thing then see how absurd it is yet bad

cry when u get the wrong thing

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I mean you still get chunks to scrub every time, and every ability has at least some niche use for specific weapons.