How do I get good at art?!

Ok can someone tell me how I can go from drawing like this:
the exiled
To drawing like this: (credit to Rlka)

Tell me your secrets pls :frcryin:


Practice, practice, practice. Use references. Don’t trace. Be motivated.

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Do I need to use like a special art platform (I use Mspaint)

It depends. Most people i know use Ibis paint, but do what you do. (Im not too horrible myself :wink: )

i dont think ms paint is the best thing for drawing.
use something else thats better.

I personally use but there’s better alternatives.

is it free?

completely free.

I don’t know, I also want to know their secrets, but do what you do. some people are not exactly cut out for drawing, but it is their favorite hobby. I also want to become a good drawer too!

This is exactly how I feel about my PVP skills in WoM :pensive:

exactly what meta said
also what i found helped me (idk if it would work for you but) was watching speedpaints on youtube
helped me learn other ways i could draw as well as taught me stuff like proportions, easier ways to color, etc etc
you should also look for a good drawing program for whatever device you’re using and learn how to use it as well as make the most of the tools at your disposal

i haven’t really been drawing and there’s a bit of controversy from what i can see on yt on what helps make good artists.

  • imo tracing is fine just don’t claim it as original and all that. it can help linework if you’re just beginning ig
  • practice is also a good thing and try doing basic stuff like arms, faces, eyes, etc. it’ll help you get good line work, and help find style
  • use references as said they help a lot
  • ig try to find your own style or one that fits with you doesn’t have to be exact, can be but also could have bits of others idrk. this also does take time and isn’t something that just pops in from what i heard iirc

the only things i can read off the top of my head and take my advice with something to think about and not absolute fact as many factors are in place and all that.

(i really need to get back into drawing and i plan to have a tablet for my birthday so i can draw and have visuals for my stories as i’ve been doing nothing but world building and not drawing ;-; )

you need to practice alot - you also need to try new things as if you dont you wont learn anything new. try using references and watching tutorials on how to improve in art on youtube

Thanks for all the advice! now with this newfound knowledge, I can create slightly less crappy drawings B)

Eye Trace
  • Basically, just copying a form or picture down from a reference without directly tracing over it.
  • Helps to establish an intuitive feel for shapes and flow (at least for me)
  • Constantly doodling, drawing, and experimenting with all forms of art
  • Helps you let go of the nitty-gritty need to be perfect with every piece (spoiler: you don’t)
Example of a doodle

Currently working on landscapes so that’s why you see these videos from me. There are many other artists account on different platforms with great tutorials and free learning.

Best I can draw are simple 3d shapes :pensive:

Here is how I practice

-First is the basic shape
learning to draw things like the human body in the simplest form like a cube and apply it with perspective and foreshortening

-Try to learn 1 thing instead of many things at the same time
if you suck at anatomy like me, focus on that
if you suck at perspective then focus on that first

just focus on 1 fundamental until you feel confident with your skill to move on

practicing your weakness can be rewarding and will make your work even better

What is your art end goal?
You want to do it as a job? a hobby? or make something like a graphic novel/comic?
It’s a small motivation for you to keep practicing

-Don’t compare yourself with other artists
Don’t ever try to compare yourself to professional like Proko or Jazza or just other artists you admire

but instead, compare your old work to your recent work
see what’s improving and what to improve

it will take time to be a good artist heck even in 1 year my art is still crappy body and just random head/ 3/4 headshot

you must patient when it comes to learning art