How do i get this aura

Hi how do i get this aura

i think you need an item with drawback on it, which can deal damage to you in exchange for being really strong
i think they might come from atlanteans in the dark sea, but i’m not sure if it’d work with a vanity slot

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thats drawback sparks, im wearing a piece of vatrachos armor which gives drawback and i have them too.

The aura comes from drawback when the more you attack the more red your arms and legs become but drawback takes away hp when you attack in return for more dps.
The items that give this is as follows:
Vatrachos Armor set: 3 drawback in total.
Gem (defence + drawback): I forgot the name but it solely comes from dark sealed chests and gives a shit ton of defence and 1 drawback.
Every 1 drawback gives 3% more hp taken away and depending on your hp depends on the amount of damage you take from drawback as it is percentage based.

Painite from dark sea sealed chests

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