How do I recruit clan members in-game?

I know it sounds straightforward, but I don’t really attempt recruiting because I don’t know how to make it sound worthwhile in one or two messages. I also don’t want to sound desperate like that one clan some dude constantly advertises in global messages.

use forum and discord

clan name?
roblox username?
im interested


honestly i just talk to people on discord to recruit them

Honestly, if you don’t wanna do discord and forum, there is one general in game method that works 60% of the time. Basically if you encounter any dude without a clan, just play the game with them, such has helping them with charts or bosses. After a bit, you can ask them to join your clan. This mainly works in the bronze sea, as the people in Nimbus are much less peaceful.

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I have 5 members, and I recruited them all. You don’t need to make it all about being worthwhile, its the relationship with the person that counts.

Spam invites

I wouldn’t because one idiot lost my clan 500 infamy because he is so weak. He didn’t even try to earn it back, so I booted him.

All my soldiers carry
Never invite gen 5s yep.

I am Gen 5 lol, but I gained around 1750 infamy

Never invite a gen 5 still
Im genist towards all fifth gems no matter who it is :pray:

I’ll slide you my method since I have a clan called Luminance which grew to have 54 discord members in a bit over a month?
The secret?

Step 1: Have connections

This is pivotal as it allows you to better advertise your clan. It helps if you are a well known player or have a few well known members to start out. It also helps if you have a few well known friends who can advertise your clan for you. The #1 clan on the LB rn is Exect and they have our clan linked in the advertisements section of their server.

Step 2: Subtle advertising

People will often check out your profiles. Be sure to leave a link in your profile on Discord. Roblox, the Forum, or in game clan.

Step 3: Hardcore Advertising (optional)
Just a simple YouTube video works. My clan made a PvP montage

Step 4: Do things of note.
To keep an active clan make sure to do a lot of events. My clan hosts game nights regularly not necessarily associated with AO. Make sure to provide incentives for your members to stay active and engaged.

Just keep at it and make sure to have fun.
It should never feel like a job to maintain a clan
I suggest having a close group of higher ups to help manage certain aspects of the clan for you so that you don’t have to do it all by yourself. It also helps to keep your HRs engaged which boosts the server’s activity overall

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im gonna be real with you man my clan peaked at 120 members and #1 on lb in 1.14 (only to purge all the pve demons and go on a 6 month hiatus LMAO) and i’ve never thought of nor done a single bit of this (except my previous co-leader and my current leader both taking their time to make their own recruitment videos for my clan props to them)

i myself just talk to people and it works it’s not something you need to overcomplicate

if anything just treat it how you’d make friends in real life, you introduce yourself to a couple people, they introduce you to their friends, connections being notable isn’t something you really need to apply as long as you’re not recruiting for exclusively notability (or skill for that matter, as they tend to come hand in hand ironically enough)

ig this comes from the fact we are pvp based

fair play, but for clans which don’t strive to be competitive and just wanna build a community it’s definitely just a nice thing to have on the side at most

tbh i just invite people that i know that arent in a clan