How do people's clothes disappear when they transform

how do peoples clothes disappear when they transform (lets say someone can transform into a superhero)? realistically they would just fall to the ground or get destroyed.

I can think of something tho that could cause the logic.

The possible “algorithm” that determines what is kept/changed in transformation:

lets say there is a character. the “algorithm” is that their whole body (without clothes) moves at a certain speed and whatever clothing is on the character after the process gets transformed.

tldr v1: someones body (the “anchor” point?) moves and whatever clothing is kept after the movement gets transformed

tldr v2: you move a mannequin (by its neck for example) and whatever clothes stay on it gets transformed

anchor point meaning whatever is biologically attached to the person (hair is the only dead thing that can still count is “attached” AND the hair was previously a living cell of that user) (yes the “algorithm” can trace the history of each hair cell)

sorry if confusing

I am confuzzled

Hi confuzzled, I am Misinput.

i was talking about a possible algorithm or some crap that determines what piece of clothing gets transformed with a person and what are your thoughts

Realistically the clothing would just rip if they became larger

I dunno, maybe it becomes part of them and reforms over their body when they turn back to human

idk what or who decides what clothing is kept on them, maybe a supernatural unknown?

if everyone that you touch was being transformed, then people could abuse this by transforming tables for example

Who knows, this kind of transforming comes up in mostly janky shows

clothes transform too

it’s plot armor

clothes probably do a swish swash during transformation then the transformation jesus decides on what to keep

I just finished watching magical-girl-vibe anime lately, and yep that shit looks like it depends on the god of that place or just “ok I’ve decided I’ll change my look like this/I’ll keep my look like this”

Honestly, here’s how I imagine it, since most transformations involve magic:
If the transformation is an instantaneous one, then you literally just use the magic to temporarily phase the clothes away from existence, into what is probably a pocket dimension. Either that or take your standard form and put it into the pocket dimension or by using a concept that I’ll just be calling magical metaphysics (the limits of magic and how it works in its absolute limits, basically) you effectively store your body’s state in the past, and then transform into the transformation.

As for gradual ones, this all gets fucking ruined since it’s hard to not do this instantaneously. Unless we’re talking like werewolves, in which case magic ain’t gonna save shit, son, but I doubt your clothes will be super damaged, if at all.

plot armor

how does magic determine what are clothes? or i was just not reading

Same as how you make you magic hurt people or not in the Arcane universe:

You cast the magic. You put the intent. It’s your control over the spell.

so that means that you could (theoretically) use transformation to move entire houses? or lemme guess: size limit

Mana limit, but yeah.