How do you all feel about enchanting?

Enchanting seems like an issue that has divided the community, with many thinking it should be changed and many others thinking it’s good the way it is. I just wanted to see everyone’s view on it. I personally think that being able to choose your enchanting would be a bad idea, but being able to reenchant items or un-enchant and then be able to re-enchant would be something that could be beneficial to the game.

Being able to unenchant or reenchant is stupid imo. At that point you may as well just choose the enchant you want since you can keep repeating the process until you get the right enchant.
I get where people are coming from but I feel as if they only want it changed because all enchants besides power and defense are useless atm. I’d rather wait until other stats become viable before making suggestions to change the current way items are enchanted.

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The problem is half the enchants are useless rn

Magic speed, casting speed, bursting, forceful, literally no one wants these right now because their effects suck


Gives people something to do while waiting for updates. Like if people want the right sunken armor enchants that will take a LOT of time. But we also have time to spare so like enchanting just gives me something to do. It isn’t necessary, but like, its nice to have something to spend my time doing.

Also, since you don’t have to do it to be strong enough it really is a way to set apart the strong willed and those who are fine with any enchant, for it is probably a nice buff but do you have the patience to get another nimble when you want something like powerful?

Also once the enchants become more useful like people who don’t care will probably be fine with whatever they get since it is a bonus.

Eh, my issue is that not being able to re-enchant will make rare item enchanting annoying, as we already have rare-tier items having a 1/2000 chance to actually drop, so theoretically, if you wanted both a sunken item and a specific enchant on that item, there would be an 1/16000 chance to actually get it, and even if I was alright with two or three different enchants (ex. Power, Defense, and maybe Casting speed), that would be an 1/8000 and a 3/16000 chance respectively, which I believe would not be enjoyable actually trying to get those items.

And that’s not considering that it’s only a rare item, and items or higher rarity may or may not be even harder to get

We literally have no idea how useful the other enchants will be since we haven’t seen them in action yet. Just because an item doesn’t have the enchant you want doesn’t mean it’ll be completely useless.

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Of course though, no item needs a specific enchant, if could probably have no enchant at all and you could probably work fine. A large amount of the community will probably learn to live with whatever enchants they get.

Only crazy people are going to take high rarity items and grind out the enchant they want.

True, True, I just still think some enchants will be more useful than others, even though all of them won’t be useless.

Even when enchanting becomes useful the knockback ones are going to be the absolute worst.
Having knockback on magics such as poison, acid, and magma is extremely terrible, as the whole point is to do DoT after you hit them.

Sure a full knockback build on wind would be funny as hell but not practical.

full knockback set + wind =


Except you can’t actually kill anybody. B(

nor can they kill you, if they fly away every time you hit them

just use swords to kill dark wizards and stuff simple

They can just cast a spell to be anchored in place! :frowning_face:

waiting for the day that my magic speed wizard set bcomes viable with light magic. Gonna call myself the Lunar Eclipse

Then again, enchantments aren’t essential or as necessary to progressing to the game as upgrading is, just something to give your gear a special buff or emphasis of a specific stat. So any enchantment should be fair game since it will give you at least some impact with the upcoming changes.

i mean this being able to enchant is fucking blessing. I mean we couldnt even enchant inside AA just fishing and chest luck thats all. I rather not be able to unenchant and reenchant things, i mean sure you wont get what you want but the next update will make the stats other than power and defense useful

Once all the enchants are viable in the game I think people won’t mind what enchant they get too much.

I think it’s okay. Yeah, some enchants are nearly useless currently compared to others, but you aren’t totally screwed if you don’t get exactly the one you want. You can still deal with whatever you get if you are enchanting rare stuff like the sunken iron set and try to get the enchant you want next time, and if it’s any other item you can simply use one of the dozen of copies of it that you probably already have.

If vetex changed the way to enchant something, getting copies of an item would just be some pocket money at a merchant, which would heavily reduce the value of every item in trading and just in general since if you get it once, you would never need another one

Be happy about the fact we can enchant items in the first place, you don’t know the pain of not having that power.

i like it a lot because it makes items rarer and its just more fun to sell people unenchanted wizard robes just for them to come back and buy 10 more unenchanted robes until they finally get a strong robe :smile: