How do you draw hair

I- how???
I’m going to go insane

just a ton of lines and eventually it works out

or… I would use a reference, or I would use a reference from my brain.

it appears someone is in need of art help

now the most obvious answer for me and many others is “references” which does help but I mean you probably know that by now.

I personally would start off by drawing a bald head and then using the head as a starting point to kinda design and correctly proportion your hair.

hair is a pretty complex thing though, and can look drastically different depending on what kind of hair you’re aiming for, so, references are extra important.

don’t worry though, I struggle with hair sometimes too.

although thats coming from a semi-realism artist, so it might not work

that’s sort of obvious, though
I mean, every at least somewhat decent artist knows you don’t draw the HAIR of all things first, you almost always start with the head or the torso.

Honestly hair is something where the best form of help is literally just using references.

like clothes it’s something that doesn’t really have an exact shape

As soon as I hit hair when I was learning how to draw I quit, I ain’t dealing with that

This can help visualizing and simplifying hair. Drawing Hair is one of the more fun ones to do, but coloring it is a different story

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oh ok