How do you pronounce "Magius"

I’m curious on how other people pronounce it, also I haven’t figured out how to say it correctly when talking in VC

Majius or how my brother pronounce it Magy us


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mage uss


Ma (like in map) Gee Us

Ma (like in mother) Gi (like in gi) Oos.

(edit: for the me part, just search up how japanese people pronounce me/め)

don’t mind my weird pronunciation :sleeper:


i just pronounce it like polish person would read it

Say “magic” but change the “a” to an “awh” and change the “ic” to an “eous”

The question is, is it Ma-ji-is or Ma-gee-is.



*“Magi” pronouced like the manga series Magi: the labyrinth of magic

I speak french, so like pretty much any english name I see, I pronounce it in french.
Sounds like Mage-e-us like many people said already.

magius is officially pronounced as maeægjiuos

mag nus


Ma - gi - oos

Now I’m confusing myself. “Mageeus” “Mageius” “Magius” "Magioos

  • Mageeus
  • Mageius
  • Magius
  • Magioos
  • Majuice

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