How do you think fighting styles will be balanced?

From what I know fighting styles are gonna be customizable and really close-ranged. Are all the moves dashes or is there another way to balance it? I’m kinda wondering how it will be balanced considering how weapons are in wom.

aoe can counter dash so can predict shots

They’ll probably be like melee weapons. Skills will have decent range & aoe and there’ll be a grab move or a few

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There will be good and bad ones but most of them are probably not that good since their all close range but that can be a good thing maybe? I don’t know I rarely pvp.

Fighting styles will be as good as magic, and i’m pretty sure will work fairly similarly (besides methods of unlocking them)

there will be more variety than just pure dashing

they’ll somewhat work like how magic spells are balanced in wom; duration of the skill, damage output, etc

thermo fist + scorch magic = ; )

power creep
the rarer it is the stronger

jokes on you

broly is the definition of powercreep (he’s immune to it too)

Readd old impact so I can instantly kill anyone who dares go within 1 mile or me.

Thinking of trying for a Warlock build with Earth magic and Boxing, then maybe Radiant, so I would hope that fighting styles will flow well with everything in the game.

@ThatOneGuy how has it been months and nobody noticed this


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