How does absorbing a magic with the absorption curse actually work?

So when absorbing a magic, Durza absorbs the persons magic energy. The thing is, everybody has magic energy and your magic isn’t connected to your magic energy, but your mind. So then how does Durza absorb a magic by absorbing a person’s magic energy if the magic energy isn’t connected to the mind?

Pretty sure it’d be like taking their mind/magic away. He could probably become more powerful with it by stacking similar magics on top of one another (like absorbing a fire wizard’s magic and making it stronger by absorbing another fire wizard’s magic).

I don’t think he’s actually taking their mind but the magic from it. The mind is soil, a plant is magic, he doesn’t cut it from the stem but rips it out with the roots leaving the mind empty. Just my take though idk not a lore master.


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without magic energy, they cant use magic.
so its basically taking away their magic.

(imagine the cat is magic)


lobotomy curse