How does aura and focus actually work?

So, I’m looking at the wiki talk about the Aura spell and the Mode technique, and how if you choose the resistance it increases your health by a certain percentage. What I’m curious about is what that percentage is. Let’s say you have 1,000 max health, and 250 points in magic, and you possess fire magic. The wiki says that if you use the resistance option for the aura spell, the resistance will be 0.7. Does that mean that the game increases your max health by 70%, meaning you now have 1,700 max health? Does it do something different? (Also this is like my first post, I hope I’m doing it right.)

I don’t know myself how that works, but do not expect noticeable effects from aura/focus. Resistance will give you around 200-300 extra hp with fire magic. Power will give around 10-15 extra dmg on blast, agility and size will be increased by speed and destruction auras by nearly 5-10%. All these numbers I took from my experience with water mage (I doubt fire and water’s auras will be highly different)

aura heavily depends on the magics affinites, I assume focus works similarly.

for example, you get like, fucking, 500-700+ health w/ metal aura iirc.

resistance aura is generally based on how heavy a magic is (kind of like how clashes work)
solid magics like metal or earth will give you more bonus health
energy magics like plasma or light will give you less bonus health
one of the only exceptions is glass, which gives like 2% extra health or something, because vetex decided to be funni (also glass is quite fragile)

10-15? Is it on fire magic or water since power aura on fire for me increases my damage per blast by exactly 20%

Oh, so there is difference? I haven’t noticed much when used power aura with water

Maybe fire has a high affinity for power aura than water then. I get 51 extra damage from it.

But what I’m curious about is if there’s a way to figure out how much resistance each magic can give. Like is there a way to find an exact number?

Yes, but you need to ask those who coded it, the formula is way too long


+22% × Damage Affinity

  • +15.4% on CFist, +16.5% on Poison
  • +18.7% Fstyles avg, +19.8% Magic avg
  • +20.35% Ileg, +23% Metal


Aura: 22.5% × Health Affinity

  • +4.5% Glass
  • +15.75% Fire
  • +20% Avg
  • +31.5% Metal

Focus: +18% × Health Affinity

  • +16.875% Thermo
  • +18% Avg
  • +27% Ileg


Aura: +15% size, +(75 × Destruction Affinity)% Destruction
Focus: idk


Aura: +10% Cast Speed, +(20 + 20 × Speed Affinity)% Projectile Speed

  • +31% Metal
  • +40% avg
  • +56% Light

Focus: +30%* × Speed Affinity *Might be wrong

  • +22.5% Ileg
  • +32% avg
  • +42% Thermo