How does dark sea compass work?

its been an hour i need to get out pls

Purple needle points towards nearest sea cluster (only bronze sea for now) and white needle points away, so further into the dark sea where you’ll go through the ranges

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purple? the darker one ?

nvm got home, thanks

why the fuck would the purple one point towards the bronze sea, i cant even say with words how fucking mad i am at this game. i just lost 10+ dark sealed chest because ive been going the wrong way this whole fucking time why would the dev make the purple one not the dark sea? why the fuck would he do that

Trial and error my guy-surely if you were following the white needle and went into the insanity ranges you would have the sensible brain to turn around…

the normal compasses point towards north, with the point that does being colored.

the dark sea compass points towards sea clusters, with the point that does being colored.

Ay you’re a lightning mage! Welcome to the club! What’s your second magic? Mine’s water


Hmmm. Uh is there a lightning and wind synergy?

no, but theres the storm sygnergy

waht does that do?

explode and die