How does magic exactly go from the brain to a casting circle

I’m Confused thanks (full sentence)

Magic is probably connected to the nervous system or some shit

I really want confirmation on this lmao

Magic… funnily enough

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:sob: but the rest of it has logic why not thiss

you use the magic energy in your body to do it or something

Never coulda guessed

well magic originally costed the user’s soul i think, so we know that people in the au are made up of more than just brain and body, i’d imagine that it’s some combination of brain power and soul force that allows them to control their magic

Well in the au, magic comes from almost invisible places of the brain called “minds”
So my biological guess is that when you want to use magic, the neurons somehow transfer the magic from the mind to the place of the magic circle

i think the explanation of magic circles’ origins are in the lore doc but I’m not sure

:pensive: sigh well that’s no fun

You focus magic energy to do certain thing

Idk man. But maybe this image might explain it.


human fcked around and find out probably, maybe through someome trying to perform alchemy since alchemist use a neutral/empty magic circle

my headcanon is that our character moves extremely fast and actually just draws an alchemy circle on the ground really really fast then pulls it up and points it at their target

Each series has a different magic theory while there isn’t really a canon “magic theory” for AO considering it’s origins as soul magic, and the fact that vitality/ spirit weapons exists, I’d assume that it has something to do with channeling magic energy into the soul (which you of course control with the mind) and turning it into “magic power”, and the way ur soul interprets it is what magic you end up casting

Magic circles are used to not die because you’re using your magic too much.
When mages were using their soul directly to cast magic, their lifespan was shorten.
But now that they’re using magic circles, practicing their magic makes them live longer.
So they are not using their soul anymore (at least they don’t use it directly)


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ask prometheus, he gave it to humanity- oh wait he died
okay head down to the tartarus and ask him

Arcane’s magic was inspired by Fairy Tail so it probably works the same as that anime idk (I don’t watch mid Fairy Tail)

It got fire soundtracks tho ngl