How does Vetex make his ships?

Making ships or sailing vessels in ROBLOX (especially ones with sails) are tricky and difficult.

This is a example of a ship I tried to make. While it looks decent at first glance, the bow is “fringed”, if you may, and it took a great deal of time to even make the bow look good.

Here is another one of my ships, made in blender. It was easier to make but you can tell that Vetex doesnt use blender to make his ships. Somehow, he’s got a secret method to building a good-looking ship in Studio.


I used to make models for a group a long time ago and what I was taught was to create a SUPER BIG model, to easily make all the fine details, and then scale it down.


a lot of roblox models are made in blender and ported to roblox, ships especially

no ur wrong wtf

p sure that’s how ships for a different roblox game were made but I’m no expert

if its ao, theyre all entirely made in studio parts by parts.

probally by making and negating unions

never unions. never unions.

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Then what is his secret method