How exactly do curses work?

I mean really how does it work?

Considering that it can be stored somehow in vaults, how exactly? Magic in non-curse form is stated to be generated from the soul, body, mind, or whatever. I suppose you could state that magic could inherently be stored in dead bodies, but a dead body can’t sustain anything living for a very long time even though extracting energy from through decomposition.

And since it’s practically a copy of Devil fruits shares it’s the weakness of water. This means that it’s not a rare occasion if a curse user fights and dies and posthumously falls into the ocean, their curse would have to cease to exist.
As curse magic would cease all functionality, this would mean it would also cease its ability to transfer to another person, and even if it did the person who it’s transferring to would then lose their powers since you know they’re also receiving the vulernabilties to water as well.

it gets launched away

unspecified “special tools”, considering the setting of AO, we might learn about those.

When a curse holder dies, their curse is stated to kinda just rocket out of their body in a random direction.

My understanding of the whole water thing is that the water its self is magically charged because of [insert any number of near world ending events here] and it essentially overcharges the curse holder, weakening or killing them.
So this weakness would eventually fade away once the pollution is gone.

Curses are physically manifested in the shape of cubes. If you touch these curses in this state you get the curse in question. Since there is a physical space for them they can be contained and sealed.

tell that to vetex


well, it could be that the reaction is instant, so that the moment they get in enough water that they go kaboom their curse shoots out, or maybe that the curse needs to submerged for a few seconds to explode?

What do you mean their curse shoots out?
It’s in-built into their DNA or sort of biological vital shit. Considering it’s an upgrade on something that from what I’m told gives them life. A quick ejection seems rather implausible

did you read the other replies…?

it’s in the lore doc too

ayo @Divanochi pull that doc up rq

via the Arcane Lore doc:

Then I’m suprised they don’t just get accidently absorbed in the process of storing them.

It has a lot of holes.

Most if it’s just like, yeah it’s happens don’t ask why.

idk how exactly but I mean it’s not like it’d be impossible either there is literally magic lol

Yeah there are probably a lot of plot holes in the arcane lore, I don’t see this one in particular as one though since it’s just magic being magic


I actually argued devil fruits were very similar to curses in the thread,
but Vetex simply wasn’t having it.

Hmm it makes composing suggestions very difficult.

But it’s his domain and his rules.

The general concept of sea curses were different enough from devil fruits. But the issue was that it has quite illogical hold ons mantained and they weren’t well supported by the lore.

Curses take the physical form of a moderately sized Square. People can obtain the curse by simply touching it. Their square shape makes it possible to handle them without the dead body storage you mentioned. (The way they are handled is still a mystery, though)

Curse Size Scaling Pictures

Screenshot (1645)


As for their weakness for water, that isn’t truly the case. The reason why they instantly die in the ocean is that they’re polluted with hella magic energy. When a Curse User touches the ocean, their cursed bodies violently collide with the large amounts of magic energy in the ocean, causing them to explode and die. If the ocean was fully cleaned from magic pollution, they can swim in it

Lastly, Curses just don’t fizzle out when their users die, they simply shoot out of the body and land somewhere else on Earth. The only way they can be destroyed is via the Absorption Curse with an unrevealed technique from Hades, mentioned at the end of the Lore Doc


I will always always think of them as like baseball sized cubes this image just feels wrong to me


You’re not alone mate, figured they were baseball sized to justify their difficulty to find

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my understanding of that is that pretty much everything between the end of the third sea and WoM is essentially lore notes vetex was going to expand upon with the development of the game which never happened because of the forced filtering enabled roblox update.

Why does the magic energy violently react to the curse? The Curse IS magic. Sure there would be some issues in regards the difference of intensity and the way that they function. But since Curses are simply better magic they should’ve able to easily overcome and quite possibly absorb the energy.