How far have y’all gone without touching any of the story?

where are these coming from

The impossible quests come from Redwake, since their NPCs don’t appear until you screw up the Jaw Pirates. Every other Quest NPC appears by default, except Jasmine Lin at Sailor’s Lodge.



level 2 :skull:

My permadeath just decided to meet god because I can’t feel my hands correctly so I’m at a solid 0 rn! :3

I’ve gotten to max level before going to redwake
Was basically just cargo

this needs to be made a reality

when you get your perfection goals sorted you should roll up to shura and record yourself annihilating him

So far, I have the Bronze Sea somewhere around 80% Exploration. I did a cargo run from Frostmill to Sameria, found out that Frostmill → Sameria and back yields the same Galleons as Redwake → Sameria, and did some of the completion tasks for it.

Around level 104.


when will they ever learn that fire starters are better than water starters


Cyndaquill and Fennekin are the only Fire starters I care about. Grass starters are where it’s at.

this was back around aos release btw

i did a test run on how i could get max level without pressing the wake up button but i forgot that in order to even lvl up you have to wake up so i just woke up and didnt talk to morden cause yes

i was gonna just do cargo from frost mill to darkpine by swimming and it went well
but it somehow did it and i got to around lvl 50 and then i bought a sailboat cause i was tired of having to rely on the icebergs that floated around the place(bringem back pls)

anyways somehow i got to max lvl within like 5 days and for some reason i was allowed to buy cargo while never talking to morden lol and there were like infinite icebergs around that server which was super helpful

Now listen here you little piece of sh*t… Charmander is the most of pokemon

It’s capped, so Ravenna → Sameria gives just as much as Redwake → Sameria