How far have y’all gone without touching any of the story?

I made a Knight file yesterday and I decided to try getting as close to 100%ing the game as possible without doing any of the Redwake story. So far, I’ve gotten to roughly 68% of the Bronze Sea’s exploration at Level 17.

The main thing I’m learning is that the storyline is the only good way to level up. I can do the Boxing quest and possibly some Frostmill stuff right now, but that’s all.

do edward kenton

I think its not possible to 100% bronze sea without storyline I think some ravenna quests are locked to the storyline

@LiterallyNimona what level are you now?

um achtually you talked to morden so you progressed in the storyline

okay that’s not fair the game literally forces you to talk to him or else you can’t do anything but wander around dawn island

it should be viewed more like that one scripted game encounter in pokemon S/V where that houndoom kills your starter pokemon

on nuzlockes I don’t think people actually count it as as a “death”

The bubbly diving points give crazy xp

try getting as close to 100%ing the game as possible

I got to max lvl without killing anything on a file
and ‘without’ using cargo (only for quests)

I once got a file to LvL 50 then XPed it nearly exclusively with PvP

In wom it was theoretically possible to get to level 90 through pvp only

I got to level 100 on a Mage before fighting Shura.

I know ya’ll don’t like the story like I do, but is it really that bad?:sob:

in AO too, the PvP Kill XP CD hurts tho

I like the story, I’m just curious on how slow it’ll be leveling up without it.

in ao you have to reach level 50 to pvp but in wom you didnt have to

Wasn’t their a pvp level of 45 in wom?

Yes but it didn’t apply if you started a threat

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Lots of quests are level locked, making them impossible