How has the market trading fared recently?

I’ve been in and out of the game, just casual playing. But it’s about time when I wonder again, how much is Headless, and Sunken Swords? I remember back on release date of the revamp it came in around a hefty 30-something Sunkens, (for Headless) but equivalent to other new items I don’t know.

And what about other valuable useful items like scrolls or reagents? How do they stack in comparison? If you know anything, I’d love to hear it. Thanks and have a good day

well sunken staff is kinda pre nerf pulsar so i think its worth more than sunken iron stuff, but it is warrior only.

headless is still around 30 si (old) and about 20 sw (new) new scrolls powerful and armoured are around 1/6 of si and other scroll are around half value of powerful the only valuable catalysts and reagents are lf scales (half a powerful~) and essentia (2/3 of a powerful)

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