How have you all been using the new follow feature?

Personally I’ve been using it to keep up with Mods, artists & valuable members of the community.

i dont feel like getting notifications every 2 seconds so im following nobody yet

Whenever ya do I advise turning off notifications for whenever someone you follow replies.
I can personally attest that if you don’t you’ll get alot of notifications.

how have you all been using the new follow feature

i dont

for some reason a couple people follow me and idk why

i used it to follow people i know, respect or i think are cool.

heres my following list btw
(repost cuz i accidentaly posted in another post)


i think i follow the most out of anyone in the forum.

that’s a bit of follows…
Wouldn’t surprise me if you are.

thansk for reminding me to follow WAX

I’ve forgotten it existed…

how did you forget that it existed? It hasn’t even been a week yet lol

tfw nobody is following you :frcryin:


I’m using it to follow robobitch, so he doesn’t ping me every 5 seconds

Gonna be real I didn’t even notice this was a thing

I forgot about it too… I’m very forgetful at times

procedes to go on a rant on how I can’t ping you 1,729 times a day

I haven’t used it yet