How high lvl are the MC soildier planed to be

It’s always half our lvl so

lvl 200 MC soildier?

Nah. I’m thinking more like level 50-75. Captains can probably hang around at level 600, and commissioners can be level 200 like you proposed.

after a while, they’ll probably cap out
there will probably be a time where captains are basically soldiers to us.

bruh they can overpower KDS

Imagine swarming tactics.

They should really scale to the level of the player they’re going after tbh. In future if they keep getting bigger then new players will not be able to go negative rep because they’re too powerful

i meant that soildiers might become lvl 200 or something

but commissioner for that, sure, good idea

Around 100-150 I presume.

Also, I can’t wait to find out the rankings for magic council

they just need to have as many ranks as we do
instead of increasing their levels and capping out eventually just have a shiton of ranks with level gaps
like scouts would be equal to starter rank, soldiers to novice, commissioners to apprentice, and so forth

dayum bro can’t wait to get me a fucken mc raid where 100% of the npcs spam ultimate arts into my nut sack

Meta [Darwin Barion]06/08/2020

Final Magic Council Ranks
Soldiers - Apprentice/Adept Wizards
Commissioners - Advanced Wizards
Elites - Elite Wizards
Captains Ace Wizards
Majors - Master Wizards
High Council Members - Legendary Wizards(edited)

[ 10:44 AM ]

meta was trying to predict their final rankings, and this is what he had, so it means their final level for the normal mc soldiers are gonna be somewhere around 50 - 100 or something idk since adept isn’t a wizard title in game yet