How is this even allowed


it’s a roblox game based off from friday night funkin which can put roblox in a brick bronze like situation given the fact they’re trying to monitize a toy line off a copied/cloned ip but thats up to the fnf dudes which i don’t think will cause anything.

roblox ironically though already got after another toy company on trying to “take roblox avatars” which idk what happened to the lawsuit but seems things were resolved and taken away or smth haven’t kept up w/ it

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lol indeed lmao

it’ll be interesting if smth will develope out of this since it kinda does infringe on copy right sorta

idk the fnf community or devs and the game got custom lvls and what not that ppl monitize off of it sort of so they might just shrug at it or ask roblox to get permission first or smth, idk

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not like if the game stole characters (or at least they arent selling said stolen chatacters)
its like if loomian legacy got a lawsuit whenever they tried to sell a plushy of their digimons

I mean, the game is using the idea of fnf whjch isnt in any way new, and it has a similar name and wimilar gameplay. All off these factors arent ttadwmarks or copyrights of the fnf devs, so while it seem illegal, its barely legal.

This is unlike Brick Bronze, where the name Pokemon aswell as the pokemon themselves were trademarked and copyrighted.

well i mean the toy itself doesnt seem to be an fnf character and fnf didnt invent microphones and speakers so i dont see a problem here. the only thing off is that its an fnf-based roblox game but the toy itself has no relation to actual fnf