How long did it take you guys to get ur rare weapon stuffs

i havent played much bc of school
so… how long?

It took me 2 days to get the vastria but my friend got an oathkeeper on his 5th try

took about 6 hours or so of grinding exiled to get the sword
although the axe only took around 4-5 minotaur kills

i killed like 40 bosses and got nothing from all of them :confused:

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I am still trying to get one…

Although a lot of the time im fighting with friends and such, but ive definitely been fighting a crap ton by myself against the bosses, and ive gotten a grand total of 4 items, (2 pairs of exiled legs, chestpiece, and the Vastira, although ive been at this for like 5+ hours, and ive killed around 50 different bosses now

Like 10-15 mins. Got a Vastira on my 1st try and was able to trade it for an Oathkeeper

2 ~ 3 hours for strong oathkeeper
Vastira unknown yet.

I got a wall of jericho on my 2nd or 3rd attempt at the exiled, and haven’t gotten a drop since, but I was given a Vastira for free (which turned out hard :c

just scammed some dude

like 9 hours and counting. damn exiled wont give me his damn sword damn him

took me 2 days with 40 boss kills to get jericho

7 hours of raid party to get 2 oaths and 1 axe (i forgot the name) i traded the other oath for an axe and gave the extra axe to someone i knew

i got wall of jericho just recently actually, i dont have any other boss weps/gear other than that and exiled leggings plus mino helm

yoo same i got a free vastira and got hard lol

The first boss drop was the Exiled’s helmet, the second was a level 80 Wall of Jericho, and it took an hour of grinding for two Minotaur chest-pieces

first kill gave me vastira, first enchant gave me strong

Same case for me, only with oathkeeper.

Forgot the amount of times. The number kinda looked like the letter o I think

Farmed for 15 hours killing Exiled then hopping severs rinse and repeat and got, 3 jerichos