How long would it take to reach 3k pity with Ensnaring Bronze?

Short answer: 16 hours

Long Answer:
So with introduction of t2 enchants we also got Ensnaring, which is t2 luring. Combinded with Bronze rod, we can get 1.8 lure.

After some testing, i got that average time for catching fish is around ~18 seconds (min - 11 seconds, max - 25 seconds). I tested 50 catches and that was my average.
So that would give us… 18 seconds per 1 catch, BUT there’s a 1 in 12 (about 8.3%) chance to catch an item.

Math time

Chance of catching fish is 11/12 (12/12 - 1/12). Then we multiply 11/12 by 3000 and get around 3273 of pure fish catches. WHICH we later multiply by our average of 18 and get…58,914 seconds.

  • 58,914 seconds
  • 982 minutes
  • 16 hours

Ooh, actual data. Love to see it.

I had a post where I recorded a bunch of specific numbers, but it got deleted when Headless deleted the Fishing category.
Always been curious to rerun the numbers on all the different rods since pity got added, but never really found the motivation.

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Pretty damn sure item catches count towards pity

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