How manny powerful and hard sunkens would = a headless head

Would a set of both be overpay? Would you need more? Less?

I’d offer a swift SS a clean SS and a powerful SS as well as maybe some clean sunken armor for a headless.

offering rusty cans is overpay so unless you’re hyper desperate you should save your rusty cans

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Imo more than a set of both

You’d need both and a bit extra (maybe like 1.5-2.5 pieces), though I’m not really certain of the headlesses value as of recent so it might be a bit more

This would absolutely not get you a headless. Also do you mean a strong ss? There’s no such thing as a powerful ss…

okay fine

I throw in rusty can

200 rusty cans also works

Should i enchant sunkens? There’s nothing in particular i need or hoping to get, so is it worth enchanting them?


I would personally wait for AO to release

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Personally, I wouldn’t risk it since there’s nothing you apparently need. There’s a greater probability of losing value than gaining it.

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headless nub cans >

Actually not anymore, you have a chance to get powerful, bursting and hard (gain) or forceful, keen or swift (loss)
Technically strong is also a loss but it gets cleaned in ao which is in like 2 months anyways

Oh, I think you forgot nimble.

Including that it would be
Powerful, bursting, hard = gain.
Strong = Might be a very slight loss, but I’ll consider it neutral.
Nimble, swift, keen, forceful = loss.

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