How many divine blooded could possibly there be

Upon awakening as a paladin you get power of the gods or awakening as a savant the second time grants mastery.

When this happens your magic and spirit energy mix creating golden spirit energy.

This is due to the players special blood most likely due to being a descendant of Zeus.

Golden spirit energy is probably one of the very few things that signifies that a being in the arcane universe has a relation to gods.

But it should also be noted that to posses magic inst a common attribute and to have a spirit weapon is rare.

Because of that its probably even rarer to find Paladins in the verse and I`d imagine savants aren’t common due to a lot of people probably preferring to focus in one stat.

When you take that into consideration its more likely to find a savant with investment into magic strength and weapons like Calvus than a savant with
Vitality Magic Strength and Weapons will probably be as rare as a paladin perhaps even rarer.

Plus its probably possible to be Divine blooded per say but not realize it if they happen to be a stat build that is not a Paladin or Savant.

So I ask how many beings exist with divine blood because its probably difficult to determine if a being has it.

We were most likely taken by the Order of Aesir due to our divine blood.

Because of that the Order probably has ways of identifying a persons background and finding of if they’re Divine blooded

And one could probably guess that the Player Morden and Tucker weren’t the only ones in captivity by the order.

It might be possible that the order has a’lot of Divine blooded

King Calvus : “We believe your kind is the key to our true goal, so the Order captures people like you to perform experiments on…”

This quote says that “our kind” has been taken in by the order.

How many i can’t really say the Order might have acquire a vast majority of Divine blooded or maybe very few Divine blooded there might even be very few Divine blooded or lots of Divine blooded we don’t know about and when you consider Zeus’s reputation its possible there are a’lot

King Calvus : “… You may not know your true power yet. but I can sense it… People with your blood are destined for great things in this world.”

This probably mean in order to determine if someone is Divine blooded it has to be sensed.

However Rill Hendrix a sensor never stated something to do with us being Divine blooded so either he couldn’t sense it or he chose not to say anything about it.

This could mean to sense someones Divine blood it takes a certain skill which certain Order of Aesir members learn to identify Divine blood


Given how much Zeus got around, a whole lot


I would be very surprised if divine blood wasn’t able to be sensed in some way. I imagine Rill Hendrix sensed that we are different but chose not to say anything about it because he doesn’t know us very well or doesn’t think it was his place to tell us.

Just check the amount of people who played AO at some point and we have our answer

Damn, the order is like, really bad at keeping their prisoners in check… are they just not paid well enough to get better containment cells?

Rather than a specific skill it could just be that Calvus and the Order already know we’re of divine blood so they have a much easier time recognizing it when sensing us. After all, if you know what you’re looking for then it’s much easier to find it.

On the other hand Rill Hendrix has no idea who we are so he could just have just not noticed, especially considering the MC’s divine blood is probably pretty diluted. There’s pretty much no way we’re demigods or even the child of a demigod, more likely a distant descendant given Poseidon calls us a legacy.

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Prometheus in universe prob took them out before they went too crazy. Either that, or they’re not the same as the greek gods in our world (more likely).

hundreds or thousands, you got any clue how many children the gods had?

The god did everything that had a pulse and could walk, there is no way their children aren’t in the ten thousands range

well they cant be that common if the order took that long to find a single one, you

nothing says it took them ages to find us, for all we know they took 7 hours the day they started looking a few weeks ago

Wait so are there animal divine bloods you know some dragons are capable of magic i wonder if there are divine dragons?

Assuming vetex kept everything from greek mythology then yes

I would be very surprised if divine blood wasn’t able to be sensed in some way.

Given that the entire reason for the MC being captured was most likely because they have divine blood, it’s definitely something that can be sensed, although it’s probably not common knowledge about why they seem special. It’s probably easy for somebody to tell that somebody else mainly has Fighting Styles or if somebody has Magic since those are fairly common, although most people wouldn’t know what the energy of divine blood feels like, hence why people like Warren and Empress Nilah can’t pinpoint why the MC’s sort of aura seems different.

A lot of them probably died out when Durza did his little explodey thingy

…ok i guess its not explicitly said the order has been searching for super long
what we do know:

  • the order started at the very least multiple months ago. at the time you fight king calvus, its been at least 2 months, plus however many months you were captive before escaping with morden (he mentioned being there for months)
  • calvus only sensed someone like you once before
  • the order is still looking for people like you
  • warren doesnt seem aware of your kind, or at least doesnt recognize them, which is odd for a mega powerful multiple centuries old important figure
  • what the order wants has been sealed away for centuries, so its definitely not impossible that they would have been looking for a very long time

Classes are a gameplay thing that only allows players to choose different combat styles. Awakening is even confirmed to not be canon.

People who are both a Mage and an Oracle is probably really rare in the verse, but all of them wouldnt be Legacies (Vetex confirmed there will be Paladin NPCs, but they wont have the Golden Spirit Energy, because thats basically exclusive for the MC)

Perhaps, but I think a proper “Savant” in lore would actually try to master one skill at a time rather than multiple at the same time. So technically, a Savant also focuses on one specific thing to master first, but they move on to other abilities after that.

Its what went wrong with Calvus, he tried to do it all at once.

Tbh, I also once wondered how rare Legacies actually are in lore, and Im inclined to believe theyre extremely rare itself, more so than Mages and Oracles.

Even though these people having families (thus making more Legacies) over a large period of time would make it seem theres more in the War Seas, I have this impression that many dont exactly tend to live too long, making them a very small minority.

This because Calvus once states that Legacies are often destined for greatness. But the path to greatness isnt easy, its often mired in tragedy and struggles. A lot of Legacies don’t survive too long due to the circumstances theyre often placed in.

Living in the War Seas where there’s constant wars going on doesnt help, and their numbers mightve been drastically reduced even long before this, when the War of the Gods happened, forcing Demigods and Legacies to take sides.

Also, the hunting down of Legacies by the Order weirdly seems like a very recent thing that happened… (like, it didnt happen hundreds of years ago), like they made a major progress in their goals and only NOW are moving on to the next step which is looking into Legacies.

Calvus states that they would obtain everything they need in just a few years, so something tells me that the Legacies was something that just happened.

I dont know, I could be wrong, this is based off of a very speculative idea that does have a high chance of being wrong so uhhh, yeah

Telling so would be a threat to his life. It is stated by Carina (if I am not mistaken) and by some side npcs that we don’t look like a fighter or captain. So if Rill Hendrix was able to sense our strong aura, he would most likely think that we are trying to hide our identity.

(Scene where Calvus pushes Neviro and asks us to reveal who we are also shows that situations like this one are possible for other people)


Maybe I am going too far off-topic, but this paragraph made me think of why the Order dissapeard for many years. Now I guess something or someone highly damaged them, making them to work in shadows to avoid getting another hit.

My guess is Warren. This bro 100% has got many stories to tell to us, but in my opinion Vetex gatekeeps this ark cuz it is too early.