How many FPS do you play at

  • 0-20
  • 20-40
  • 40-60
  • 60-120
  • 120-240
  • 240+

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If you pick anything higher than 60 you’re lying because the system would autoban.
FPS unlocker is allowed next update though.


My fps is usually 27-30 frames. :frcryin: I need to upgrade

I play World of Magic at 20-40 FPS when someone destroys Ironport. If that happens I have to kill them

Kitty has a point, so you can currently vote at 0-20, 20-40, or 40-60. Other than that, 40-60

I accidentally clicked 240+ oh no :frcryin:

Change ur vote by pressing the show vote button.

This is such a dumb question, because clearly nobody would play above 60 FPS.

But I’m confident my PC can handle WoM at 240 FPS lol.

I lowered my graphics to 6 to guarantee that I don’t drop below 60, I didn’t realize this until a few days ago but in some crowded areas my fps dropped a little bit which heavily increased my cast times, hopefully I can go back to 10 with the big fix

I play at 60 untill I don’t, but I won’t use an unlocked later because I’m 60Hz monitor gang.

Usually when I go into populated areas I get around 20-40, but outside I get a smooth 60. However, I think my average would be about 30 because everything keeps breaking and too many things keep happening around me.

fuck I misclick, dont ban me pls

Wow I can’t believe someone picked 240+ what a BIG FAT lier

i play with monitor off so i can use my heightened sense of sound instead to see

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My fps usually stays at 60 unless I pick the server I join

You’ve gotta point. When I voted I wasn’t considering the fact that just because my computer CAN run at way over 60+ FPS doesn’t mean it always DOES. Guess I voted in advance for next update… :confused:

people get over 20fps? i have been living like this for the past 7 years-