How many game breaking bugs will the update bring? file your vote here!

  • 1*
  • none at all
  • so bad it break the game permanently
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equal to the amount of bugs fixed :fire:


*(Not just 1, not 2, but 5 game breaking bugs!)
Nah, I have trust that they will fix the game this time before release

im not doubting them, im doubting roblox’s capability to not fck up


I hope its not a buggy bug that ruins everyones life :sob::sob:

is that a warrior cat fan i see?

Yes hi

hii hello :33333 i havent really read the series but i know quite some characters from youtube videos

I love warrior cats!!!

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Its an amazing book, you should read it!!

anyways to stay on topic i think there’ll be 3 bugs :3

(jayfeather is my favorite btw :3333, maybe will read it soon!!)

So that’s where you’re username’s from, I thought it looked familiar.

Imagine just more than 1 bug
Like 4 bugs

Im sure one of them allows you to duplicate exotic scrolls :skull::skull::skull::skull::skull:

Warrior cars

My bet: Awakening breaks and when you reset your stat build, Awakening does not work. So NO ONE can enjoy their Vitality builds, muahahahaha!!

Yeah, I know, I’ve read much of the series

Anyways, i think (or atleast hope) that there won’t be any because of whatever precautions are being taken, but who knows? I guess we’ll find out when we find out

roblox update will destroy ao playability

I pray to the gods that Roblox won’t pull an AA