How many Halloweds is a sunken sword worth?

I’m tryna manipulate the market to make some bank. This includes selling my Strong sunken sword that I got a day ago to get me to sell high and buy low. How many halloweds is a sunken sword worth just to (you know) know what I’m selling this for?

I don’t want an exact value. I just want a lowest-highest number

3-4 i think

People in the discord will go as low as valueing sunken swords as being = to halloweds
But imo theyre worth 3 halloweds

Like what nuclear said, they should be around 3, but trust when i say that after making around 16 offers for 2 halloweds not a single person was interested. this also was not just in the discord, but in game aswell. In the disc I had more than one person say they wouldnt trade even one hallowed for a ss.

all that to say that despite the value being said to be 3 in the forums, you are unlikely to find a trade like that, and if you do take it.

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