How many hours do you have?

found this guy with 1 664 hours, my jaw like actually dropped when i saw this

I’ve a friend who is gen 4 with 2k hours

how many hours a day does he play???

"1,752.9 Hours total, 22 out of 30 Files maxed.

As of 11/6/23 1:39 PM"

That much.

115 hours on my main

Last time i checked i think i was at around 325(?) hours, im curious to see the average hours of a forumer

Around 240-250 hours, though most of those were actually from WoM.

like 450 across all my ao files and alts

just for fun if we were to include aa and ar:
aa: about 50? at this point i dont know as the account i played aa on is long gone.

ar: 550 on my main, 30ish on an alt

Roughly 2500 across all my files

300-400 ish

ive been playing WoM 1st open test, this file in specific was made in the 3rd one

ive deleted many file before due to lack of interest, all of them probably total up around 80 hours probably ( 3 maxed, the rest werent )

I mainly play only on one slot
700 with gen 2

around 410 on my main
I got 90 hours in WoM before TGR tho

around 350 hours on my main. around 50 hours on my alts

about 640 total

My 2500 hours across all files since AO released :crazy_face:

Also isn’t this the one dude that loves eating light snares?

saw a guy with 3.5k

About 170 for two files, 80 for another and like 40 for like 5 more, making around 620 overall

5th gen
eh could be worse

457 on my main file

Also you found the guy who used to be at the top of the assassin leaderboard

My main has like 305 hours.
All my files + alts would probably be close to 900