How many of you are going to be a catgirl/catboy in AO

I am wondering here.
I am not being one of course

I just wanna see how much people become one :frhappy:
and post what it looks like if u want
Roblox model
some random ass image from google

  • Yes
  • No

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I changed my mind, I might make a catgirl/catboy file on an alt
And accounts for cosplay cuz I wanna see what I can make

My main will just have OC’s such as that nerdy looking equinox gravity mage mf

One of my files is an OC of mine which is a cat-girl assassin.


I added something new to the main message
mfw I keep editing the topic when somebody posts something because I get another thought :frsleepin:

I can’t draw…

oh I was thinking like a model made in studios, drawing, or some image from google.

You think I’d go onto google and type “Cat-girl dirty-blonde”? You going mad or something?

Because I saw some random image of one that comes really close to an assassin catgirl

I feel like some people who voted no are lying

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for real :broken_heart:

Fuck it I’m a rebel


i’ll probably build a file that has a spiritual theme w/ spirit weps when they come out and have a spirit cat/fox theme

So an Inari file?

yeah basically ig

i don’t really have much knowledge in terms of names when it comes to stuff like that yet

I might make an alt for this purpose. Thanks for the idea.

np go buck wild with file concepts like me and do 30+ of them lmao

wait so full vitality fox person. That sounds very strange.

it doesn’t have to be vitality solely, just vitality path in general and u can go other major paths too to accommodate what u want out of them aesthetically and gameplay wise later in the future and what not

When you get both vitality awakenings then completely ignore vitality.

it’s incredibly tempting to make a catgirl avatar, INCREDIBLY tempting. for now i’m not going to, but it’s definitely on an idea list.