How many of you have gone to the Epicenter?

There is a distinct lack of epicenter footage. I’m aware that there are a few posts on the forums about it and recently someone made a fully edited yt video about exploring the Epicenter but I wanna know how many people found it without recording or bragging anywhere.

Yeah I did (lying)

I barely have enough balls to reach the second layer (for the sole reason of there being sirens). I ain’t going all the way to the 5th/6th layer or wherever the Epicenter is, with no promise of actually finding it since it’s RNG, all to find absolutely nothing, since supposedly it’s just a giant structure with a crater in it, supposedly from Durza and Theos’ fight.

theres some weird asf lake with insanity (?) energy coming out of it and i wanna take a few pics with my guild, maybe there would be more incentive if vetex made a badge for finding it

Sirens are pretty unique npcs to fight since they fly buy why tf are they so hard to fight with lag

Time to spill the beans

You can cheese siren rocks by using an invisibility potion

Even a tier 1 vial works as long as the duration isn’t too short

That’s probably where the blast hit and caused the dark sea.
As you said, it would be nice with a badge or have Ambanes (guy at sailors lodge that talks about the epicenter) acknowledge that you went there either by you saying you went there or by him sensing that you did

As someone who sepnt 3 hours going into and back from 100km of Dark Sea
I learnt that you dont need to go deep, but rather, as soon as you see “Far Reaches”, you start going diagonaly and along the layer’s circle. So you dont go too far, but along with it, generating islands.

But once i have my uni weekends, i will be going on journeys to epicenter, cause with deckhands rework, its not hard to do if you are max

I’m not going farther than the second range for now
I’m waiting that the level cap increases

I’ve only ever been to the far reaches once and I got stranded on an island within a minute of being there.

Oh, I think I might’ve phrased it wrong. I meant that I only make it to the second layer BECAUSE there’s sirens. If sirens didn’t exist or weren’t in the second layer, I’d have no reason to go beyond the first layer.

don’t siren rocks spawn more sirens and chests the deeper you go?

Oooh, interesting. However, my laptop does this shitty thing where it may sometimes randomly disconnect from the internet, or Roblox’s ping stops moving until I’m eventually disconnected. It’ the only reason why I never come back from the Dark Sea with more than 10 chests.

Let me tell you a little secret Lettuce

After a few expeditions you’ll probably already have a full siren set. It’s not the most wanted set either, so there’s no point in killing the sirens. They are not even worth spending a single invis potion on

Just get the chests, get hit by a blast or two and leave

Literally don’t even fight them. Just go in to grab the chests and get out.

yeah the sets not the most wanted but the bow is in high demand