How many people here thought f was the block/parry button?

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Tbh it should be, but g isnt the worst thing ever

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Playeed deepwoken like for 1 year before AO i was stuck with my muscle memory on double tap for run, ctrl to slide, and q to dodge for like a good week before i adapted, i still haven’t adapted to block being G even today :fr:


like in general or in ao? cause ao just has a definitive answer

Well, I always remember its not F because I always assign F for my jumps (though I rarely use it in battle)

Problem is I always forget block exists next to F. I agree that G isnt exactly… optimal, to say the least.

The only boss fight where I do use it is in General Argos boss fight, because his fight leaves enough room for me to do both dodge and block, and the smaller space where the fight takes place makes it more necessary to block as well. This might just be me as I gradually learned how to block during my first fight against him, and stuck with me even after fighting him after not doing so in a long time in a new file.

Other bosses are fast-paced that I ended up dodging more and eventually forgetting blocks. I have a hard time finding the balance between blocking and dodging when I eventually do try blocking, so yeah… it isnt the same as General Argos. (Man, he is kinda the perfect boss, isnt he?)

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This is under game discussion. Def AO.

it is, atleast for me, not only is the muscle memory completly fucked, i can’t move right and block at the same time anymore unless i do some weird finger motions, it’s just a dumb thing and even dumber that vetex just absolutely REFUSES to do anything about it

f is objectively the better key

yeah that’s so annoying, i can EASILY change my muscle memory for EVERYTHING else, but the second it comes to block my muscles fumble.

it just makes me not use block at all because i’d probably just fuck up or just forget block is even a feature in the game (i have forgotten it’s even a feature SO many times.)

i thought it was f when i first played ao on february 27th 2023 but it was g

I thought it was like any other game and that it was F
Press F for the block button on F