How many seasonal is a keen sunken chest plate worth

Much and and which kind (obviously not headless )

way too many
could trade like over 50ish to a collector but thats if you get lucky.

i imagine seasonals like table salt
on its own, its not that good. but when you add it to an already good trade, it spices it up and makes it look more appealing

i mean sunken is sunken so a good amount, none have a whole lot of value other than headless so any i think?

also keen ao meta :troll:

I got a sunken chest piece + exiled set for like 10. Guy was desperate :nod:

Its inconsistent tho

Just like everything else. It all depends on who’s desperate enough. You can get a headless for 5k crowns if you find the right idiot ffs. If someone’s desperate for an item they’re more than willing to pay extra to see that their needs are met.

therefore, what i said is somewhat of a general idea of its value when trading with people who do know values
if i was talking about the value of things in terms of who could do it, i could say every item is worth a red clown nose, but i dont


Yeah Pissinput aka Midinput aka BitchlessPut aka MyEntireExistenceIsAMisinput is actually speaking fax this time and I 100% agree with him on this and I love him (notice me pls) :heart:

aka woman (real!)

please seggs me if woman


Do you think in forums 30 is possible

Or maybe maybe i will doo a bidding thing where starting price is 20 seasonals

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