How many votes does a suggestion need to get added/looked into

The title says it all. how many votes does a suggestion need to get added or looked at by Vetex or a dev.

Shouldn’t this be in site feedback? Though still I’d say around 40 or more I guess. Just ask Headless by @ing him

yeah mal would know

That’s scary

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So you’re basically admitting to being an alt account you made to troll/get attention? I feel like somewhere down the line your logic is kinda flawed

once again, im calling bullshit on that. would you mind telling us the name of the account you own with trust level 2?

youre dodging the question. whats the name of the account with the trust level 2 you speak of?

Votes only indicate how much the forum community likes an idea - vetex isn’t going to add an idea just because it has 30, 40, or 130 votes. The active playercount of the game is in the low thousands.

I dunno how often Vetex looks at the suggestions - it’s entirely possible he reads all of them (there aren’t that many), he might skip over the ones with only a couple votes, but I suspect anything with a plausible sounding title and a dozen or so votes has been looked at.

tickle magic when?

you mean, theyre already on the trello and youre just restating them. and out of all the new ideas you shared, over 99% of them will be rejected

tell me on thing you’ve suggested that isn’t on the trello and will probably be added

I think it says something about yourself that you expect 60% of your ideas to be rejected

im pretty sure vetex also reads the replies too, to see how much people would like that implemented. in the case of your suggestions, none of them would be added

What’s your real account