How me and my friend won a 2v5 (shameless plug)

i think i did good
ao was laggy as shit tho


Nice :clap:

The moment fights go over like, 4 people, things start getting way too hectic. Particles are flying everywhere, and it makes your life easier when you know no matter who you focus on, you are going after an enemy.

Still haven’t been able to win a proper fight where I was outnumbered though… not one against competent people at least.

It looked pretty smooth tho, no game-helps-you-charge-attacks phenomenon. How do u guys even aim like that…
Destroy gankers, down with the gankers, rahhhhhhh

Idk how I didn’t have the stupid charged skills happen

the moment it goes above 3+ people (on each side) the whole mindset changes to an aoe-spamming fest, thats just how it is. nobody claiming its fair

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