How much are the cannonballs?

I know the ketch is like 3000 bucks, which is a shitton in world of magic currency, but how much are cannonballs? Am I going to have to wait till lv70-80 to have enough money to shoot people for 100-200 damage more than 10 times?

Another question: how many sealed chests can I put on a tiny sailboat or even the rowboat. I’m thinking if I don’t want to pay upwards of 5000 every time I want to kill pirates, I might as well just sailboat next to them, jump on, beat their asses (free), and get the shit for max profit. No cannonballs or crew needed

Just asking since I remember the AA ones being overpriced for early game

Ketch is only 3k? Shit’s cheap. Thought it’d be like 10-20k.

wait until the galleons (boats)

sealed chests spawn when you sink the ship then more spawn when you kill the crew so that wont be max profit

youll make money from sealed chests and you can sell the ship parts you dont want for more so youll be able to buy back the cannonballs

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Is there some way of making money that I’m not aware of because these shitty quests hardly give anything and fishing doesn’t give any money either

Boss hunting. Each kill gives 100-150~ crowns with a chance for boss drop. Code farming, when that was around, also used to be a great source. I suggest boss hunting though since you kinda just make bank in no time, it’s also pretty much just passive income if you’re just solely looking for boss drops. Just free money on the side.

I was able to get enough cash to make a bank then fill said bank while grinding for leg hero. Not thee fastest process but it’s fairly quick and if you’re gonna be killing bosses anyway you might as well fully capitalize.

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ThatOneGuy caught a sunken helm today so :man_shrugging:

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you get enough from chests usually, but if u dont and want to buy them they’re like 1 -3 galleons per eachi think

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Just do chests, I’ve racked up about 20k+ normal type cannonballs just running around like a chest addicted madman
(by normal i mean light+normal+heavy added together)

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i have my ways


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